Tire Derived Fuel

These TDF options provide versatile solutions for businesses seeking eco-friendly alternatives for energy production for paper mills, cement manufacturing, electric production plants, and steel mills. Whether you require robust 2-3 inch chips, ultra-clean 3/8 inch chips, or finely tuned 1/4 inch minus TDF, we have the fuel you need to power your operations while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

2-3 Inch Chip TDF (Low Wire)

Unleash the power of sustainable energy with our 2-3 inch chip TDF. These hearty chips, with low wire content, are the eco-friendly choice for powering industrial furnaces and cement kilns. Harness the energy potential while minimizing environmental impact. (2/3 chip tdf aggregate)


3/8 Inch Chips TDF (99% Wire-Free)

Our 3/8 inch chips TDF is a high-quality, wire-free solution for clean and efficient energy production. With a remarkable 99% wire-free composition, this TDF variant is engineered to deliver consistent heat and reduce emissions, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious operations.


1/4 Inch Minus TDF (99% Wire-Free)

Experience the pinnacle of tire-derived fuel with our 1/4 inch minus TDF, boasting an impressive 99% wire-free composition. This finely processed fuel ensures maximum combustion efficiency, reduced emissions, and minimal waste. Elevate your sustainable energy initiatives with confidence.


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